Edenwood Seniors Village Inc. (Edenwood), located at 3061 Battleford Road in Mississauga is seeking engaged and committed individuals to serve on its Board of Directors.

Edenwood is a non-profit organization delivering safe and affordable housing to seniors. Edenwood is an independent living project comprised of 77 affordable market and rent-geared-to-income units.

The volunteer Board of Directors, which is responsible for the governance of the corporation, is seeking new Board members who have a strong sense of volunteerism, and who demonstrate knowledge and experience in, but not limited to, the areas of housing and property management, financial /accounting areas and resident engagement. Experience working with seniors is a considerable asset.

Edenwood serves a diverse client base and welcomes applications that reflect our residents. Directors are eligible to hold office for a 2-year term after which they may express interest in continuing for further terms.

Working collaboratively with the Management Team, the Board is actively involved in setting yearly goals for the organization based on the vision and mission of the organization. Board and committee meetings are generally held on the last Sunday morning of the month at 3061 Battleford Road, Mississauga excluding July, August and December.

Principle Duties:

The following are the expectations of individual Directors:

  1. Prepare for board meetings by reading monthly Board packets and becoming informed on subject matters to be discussed. Actively participate in Board discussions and decisions. Bring issues up through the proper channels.
  2. Attend and participate in regular (monthly/bi-monthly) and special meetings of the Board of Directors. Board meetings are typically ninety minutes and held monthly or bi-monthly.
  3. Serve in leadership positions and undertake committee work willingly and enthusiastically. This includes joining and actively participating in one or more Board committees and functions, and attending scheduled committee meetings.
  4. Serving as an ambassador of the Corporation: Support or promote the organization’s funding and resource development efforts in line with one’s abilities, including introducing individuals with whom you have a personal and professional relationship to the work and programs of the Corporation.
  5. Review the Corporation’s financial statements and otherwise help the Board fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities and make sound business decisions.
  6. Know and support the organization’s mission and serve as an advocate of the Corporation.
  7. Attend special events.
  8. Serve the Corporation as a whole.
  9. Support the majority decisions of the Board of Directors, and maintain confidentiality of Board discussions as appropriate. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Supports the mission of the Corporation
  2. Strong interest in affordable housing and the empowerment of low-income individuals, and commitment to the revitalization of low-income communities.
  3. Ability to commit four to six hours per month of volunteer time in Corporation’s activities including Board and committee meeting attendance and preparation, special events, planning sessions and serving as an advocate of the Corporation.
  4. Experience in the financial/accounting or healthcare sector is considered an asset
  5. Experience in document writing (an asset)
  6. Experience in board membership is considered an asset but not necessary
  7. Willingness to inquire when further clarification is needed to advance the goals of the Corporation
  8. Willingness to share field expertise with others and contribute to Board initiatives
  9. Demonstrated experience in positions of leadership through education, employment or other life experience which will help the Corporation further its mission and goals
  10. Willingness to learn about the Corporation, its residents, its programs and factors which affect the organization’s ability to carry out its mission.
  11. Willingness to promote the Corporation among personal and professional contacts.
  12. Willingness to participate in Board and committee meetings and events with enthusiasm, and in a respectful and cooperative manner.
  13. Ability to communicate openly and work respectfully and constructively with diverse individuals.

Interested persons may request further information and send resumes with an expression of interest no later than June 1st, 2022 at 11:59pm to Caroline Xhaferri by email at carolinexhaferri@gmail.com with the subject line, “Board Opening”.